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Sunday, 11 January 2015


Numbers after * or x 
Equates imitation and cannot be confused of Normal additional method but advanced.
Like x2 means twice, twice as 1 and 2 or two times of imitation. 1*2=2 ,2*1=2
The imitation will be connected to each side of digits, the reason y its free to take in(counted) under the same order(2*3*4) is because the digits r running at the same current. Horizontal interception may result same function even if the starting point is different in this case. *only with the same current
*1 means one imitation and no clones, .... ,
The numeric language can be understood as reversible n versatile as it will leave the same distinct answer with numeric base unchanged like 2x5=10 and 5x2=10..
X work as an order language n carry a certain effect like a bridge but only the base (number) is different.

Yes, sometimes you need imagination for math, my first imagination for math is subtraction when I was little. Math is not only about playing with numbers but to understand an agenda or two. My old understanding and imagination regarding subtraction was like 5-4=1
There 5 sheeps in a cloud and due to pushing,4 of them fell below and left only 1. I did it all in my exam when I was idk,6?idk. Haha..

To understand math language
means one hundreds times two.
means 100+100 equal to twice of timing

invert language
20*3 n 3*20 =60
20 of thrice timing and 3 of 20 timing
under static horizontal line state (x)
→→3→→x→20→→→ =60
20→→→→→→x→3→ =60
like, i like not and i not like but the ending may need to be same or relevant.
*i like not* -him-
*i not like* -him-
Thus, it carries the same meaning of story
n not
*i like not* -cooking-
*i not like* -him-
the line base→→→→→→ is not the same.. as in case
the cooking brings an disagreement action statement n the him brings an disagreement expression statement.

I like not = base and line base
Cooking/him/sb/st = outcome

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