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Tuesday, 10 February 2015


By communication of language, we mainly use average coding for communicative transfer.Such is why the rule of grammar existed. The formulatic communication are mainly arranged in a straight forward kind of pattern for better understanding regarding the average IQ of persons. Definition may come in many patterns and somewhat may be understood in complexity.

The work of word by language arrangement is like puzzle. The line may represent certain outcome and understanding. The form of an individual code then be added by another create the lign segment of scenario. 1+6+9+3=19 .
Then 19 = a of 5 , a of 6, 6 of 7.
Anything for possible puzzle throwing that hits the same outcome may reach the understanding (outcome) to one and another person that is communicating.. 5+3+7+3+2=19. Is still acceptable is some cause. This is another matter. 

Word be defined in many such as "force" . If you may understand me, some words may still be inspired to be used in it's origin or primitive character and distribution. Such as "run" and "in" .
Level of language may be vary, from low to high. The outcome may still be the same but in the line is not in some way but yes in some way.
Like when some say in languamatic.
Just work as a presenter.

1.What are you doing?
2.What business are you making?
3.What matter are you handling?
4.What obscurity are you into? (Special case)

The argument of grammar is still invalid.The argument of language system is still is. 
The argument of people's understanding is still and the argument of revolution is still is.

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