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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Altering The Colour of Aura by Cleaning

Aura is actually changeable time to time mostly depend on each feelings of ones and etc.


How to actually change the colour of aura mostly by Cleaning?
Mostly , the manifestation of all magics can be manifested  in all creative ways of individuals by not breaking the rules or order of each art of magics.

The alteration of all colour that we're going to be focusing on today is the colour of wrecked aura.The colour of a wrecked aura were mostly hideous or mostly grubby.The colour is mostly like it have been patched by another foreign colour mostly dark.The dark colour mostly came from the negative energies received from an  individual mostly in their surroundings.It is completely a different colour from a natural black aura in person.


The cleaning method is pretty simple with filling another white aura channeled into the wrecked aura..Like repainting..But in this case by using another method which is mine by the way..

Simply vibrate the particles of the dark aura.The result will be making the particles to break in some way,neutralized.Further break will be resulting to a new fresh coloured particle,while the optimum will be resulting to a normal coloured aura(colour before wrecked).(Ps. Neutralized should be colourless (Common) ).


This art represents the simple particle of the aura.U may see the differences of both colours.Normal and foreign.The normal represent the normal colour of each aura.
(Ps.The normal comes in many different colour,the orange is just an example)
This art represents the infected aura.The negative force or aura from foreign caster is actually dominating the normal aura on image given.U may see the wrapping action of the foreign aura by patching a new colour.
Complex particles of aura


They worked similar with cancer,dominating over others.The action showned on the picture given is the new dominating process.Wrapping,covering in process.(The recessive is the back up colour of the dominant)

The vibration process will be neutralizing the colour(back to Normal or gone to neutral.


 The colour alteration is more like  a colour filling.This can be done in  many ways.The colour filling by  vamping is also a common action.
 But more advisable to absorb the  endless natural resources like the  sun.That's only a suggestion..

Absorption and filling can be done vamping other resources.


New Engineered
 It's preferable to donate your own aura to the neutralized if you have a great and strong aura.Even dead things like the stick have aura.

The new engineered method is more simply by adding a new foreign colour to the absence(neutralized proteins).
This colour can be made(easy for natural creator specialist)..This method can also be used in common aura filling.

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