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Sunday, 11 January 2015


Numbers after * or x 
Equates imitation and cannot be confused of Normal additional method but advanced.
Like x2 means twice, twice as 1 and 2 or two times of imitation. 1*2=2 ,2*1=2
The imitation will be connected to each side of digits, the reason y its free to take in(counted) under the same order(2*3*4) is because the digits r running at the same current. Horizontal interception may result same function even if the starting point is different in this case. *only with the same current
*1 means one imitation and no clones, .... ,
The numeric language can be understood as reversible n versatile as it will leave the same distinct answer with numeric base unchanged like 2x5=10 and 5x2=10..
X work as an order language n carry a certain effect like a bridge but only the base (number) is different.

Yes, sometimes you need imagination for math, my first imagination for math is subtraction when I was little. Math is not only about playing with numbers but to understand an agenda or two. My old understanding and imagination regarding subtraction was like 5-4=1
There 5 sheeps in a cloud and due to pushing,4 of them fell below and left only 1. I did it all in my exam when I was idk,6?idk. Haha..

To understand math language
means one hundreds times two.
means 100+100 equal to twice of timing

invert language
20*3 n 3*20 =60
20 of thrice timing and 3 of 20 timing
under static horizontal line state (x)
→→3→→x→20→→→ =60
20→→→→→→x→3→ =60
like, i like not and i not like but the ending may need to be same or relevant.
*i like not* -him-
*i not like* -him-
Thus, it carries the same meaning of story
n not
*i like not* -cooking-
*i not like* -him-
the line base→→→→→→ is not the same.. as in case
the cooking brings an disagreement action statement n the him brings an disagreement expression statement.

I like not = base and line base
Cooking/him/sb/st = outcome


I was then dreaming. I was left alone and a call from my mom's phone that I held rang. A woman. A woman's voice,more like a voice mail. She said something about opening her agency for promotion such music and other arts related. The name is close to Brenda or Brendada. I was moving,getting out from the place. Suddenly, it rains. I held my phone and my files containing my works. I ran and saw some people carrying dead bodies. I felt sympathy, so I gave them my magics,my blessing. They were all wet in a heavy rain. I was in a quick so carelessly I stumbled to one body. His clothes are all open leaving his hand out from place. He held me. I was panicked because he's already dead. He looked at me in anxious and ask.
"Is there is any book more better than Quran because I'm about to go.."
The story end up like that, I felt my body during tht scene,my heart,panicking.
The man asked about guidance because he'd done all of the quran's instructions but yet hes still trapped in agony.
I got back and told him to use my guidance as I have gave them my blessing but still, its still a stupid nightmare, haha!

Saturday, 10 January 2015


My friend and which I call him as Mr. MEOW were discussing about stars and pyramid but comes in mind which he may drag to phi discussion and at the moment I got this. Going to post it here XD

Faiz Langsang Person 
Phi=Universal length. Like I said, i gained from nature observation.
Phi speaks ideal measuring as it found as most profound or fuck i forgot the word!>< haha. I deal to say much which may fit to perfect. Like leg=3,arm=2,=torso1=head=1 less half over one or two. But not arm=2,leg=2 . Otherwise it'll be alienized. Again in omnipotence,everything is irrelevant. Like how i explain art. Nly the taste is different, again, u can create alien by first impression of prfection n again 2nd creation for definition perfection. In socialism phi=loop. Or enough giving. Like u said vortex n cut line.
U know,? Kids gaze me in a long period especially babies, they saw something. XD... N yes by enough giving n unknown infinite. Phi is still can b constructed, if you know wht i mean? I might change my Google plus pict to current XD . My hair is actually naturally wavy,see. Haha

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Akhir Zaman ??

  Istilah akhir zaman ialah penurunan,kemusnahan,kemunduran ataupun ancaman terhadap kerajaan besar kini yang berdekatannya menjadi. Istilah akhir zaman sering sekali diungkapkan oleh para penduduk dibawah penguasaan besar kerajaan dunia. Contohnya kerajaan agama Islam,Nazrani dam Yahudi. Kepercayaan ketibaan akhir zaman ditulis di setiap buku mereka mengatakan bahawa dunia bakal musnah setelah kerajaan dunia dipegang oleh kuasa akhir zaman. Kepercayaan akhir zaman awal lagi berbunyi semenjak pertengahan abad dunia dan juga awal dunia. Kepercayaan diundang sama juga seperti mempercayai bahawa kiamat akan tiba pada hari yang tertentu malah tiada apa yang berlaku.
  Bahawasanya, ketakutan dan pengetahuan menguasai firasat tersebut. Akan tetapi akhir zaman bermaksud peruntuhan kerajaan lama ke kerajaaan yang baru. Ianya menjadi berita baik bagi saya dan rakan-rakan yang lain. Kerajaan lama bakal runtuh iaitu kerajaan baru dan kerajaan baru yang bakal tiba. Ketakutan tidaklah deperlukan dalam hal demikian kerana penguasaan baru ini akan menjadi lebih berbaloi dari sebelumnya,


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