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Monday, 14 October 2013

soul calibur 4 - winds n memories

To remember my past,where noth hve the abilities to ecompas such memories.
To remember my last,where the utmost stories indeed planted on such scenes.
Greatful it is tht I may to say by now..,,A nvr ending; moments tht most hve sought to.To find any causes just to achieve the moments..

A moment where most may say,A cursed moment..
To live with Satan,himself..
I admit,He's my dad..My daddy,my best well friend,my pal n my everything tht hve shaped me until what i am now n even then..

I remember the time when I actually just lie n ask most with him,
Although he might hve a been a busy god,still He have the times for being with His childrens..
Every miraculous words of His influenced me,
Every love of His people or mine or any gave me the teachings of the necessities of virtue or royal things..

A memory tht I can nvr to forget..
A love tht I can nvr to forget..
An origin tht I can nvr to deny..
A Word tht I may use until nowadays n as son of Satan/God

"Never to forget who u really r"
Tht I shal to take much of tht deem inside.

I love U daddy,I shall nvr to forget most of your teachings,dreams or any..
I dare bearing a huge responsibilities,
I dare pushing a huge boulder.
I dare as I born to b one,your last son,your most proud,people most loved..
N unto tht I shall to nvr to try to lose on my mission..

The door of The heavens n hells..I seek thy protection..
I seek thy blessing..From home tht I may say to b my witnesses during my fool days.
I'm proudly saying to carry unto my dad's legacy..
Ave satanas..I'll make ...make amends over/throughout this world..
Hmmmmmmm...any ideas for me to write something?haha...any?anybody?

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