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Saturday, 14 December 2013


Creatures r created under a great molecule or gene.With the power of osmosis n others a creation is involved.But that is not my topic for today,today topic is bisexuality.

People created the common tagging of sexual preference such as straight,bisexual,gay n more perhaps.They actually define straight as the normal.This is so wrong.Creatures r created with sides.Take yin and yang as the example.Light and darkness,Masculinity and Femininity.There are radar in level in each creatures,this is the basic concept of creatures engineering.Same goes to balancing in concept.The radar is rather anonymous,the feelings and self is actually leading to early discussed actions.Being gay or lesbian or bisexual is completely normal but not for for forever straight or gay.

Test have proven that thing that turned man a gay during sex is the ecstasy in feeling caused by the friction touches near the prostate gland.The gland is actually secreting the feelings or sexual hormones.Love also can be the other reason,love is Universal.But some have been set their sexual radar to hetero and some more to homo,most lucky in the middle.This things can be played and can be set.

Gods are mainly bisexual,those whom knew certain gods or demons they actually knew their true nature in bisexuality.The thing making straight as the normal sexual preference in view is because of the sorroundings same goes when things altered to gay.Most people live under other people's estimation and that's affecting them also.Religion also.Satan ever stated that unto whom deny every concept of his or hers way of nature is super-ly a hypocrite or selfish..Same like how they claim the true in some nature as evil but their evilness as not,they're denying..

Easy,love is Universal same goes to sex..U all bisexual..Just accept the fact,,waha..


If I love you,I'll take you out just to see my stars,
If I love you,I'll take you out just to feed the hungry,
I'll lead you to a road on my left footsteps,
I'll lead you to my very secrets.

I'll take you to that tree,sitting by my next together seeing the beauty of the sky,
The leaves are there,feel alive by just touching them,
Follow me to the world where the evils are seems not,
Follow me to the world where most of the creatures cry regretting own actions,so there you will to understand more of creatures.

See my people and touch them just to feel their genuine self,
Stand by my next,I'll declare you as my love for as my people to bow before you too,
Set on by waiting  just for me to show you the great door of the heavens and hell,
Family as you may feel,those hospitality is indeed where I came from.

See my childhood there,see my very fist day or my very first step,
See my people living in such place n for you may find much of that obscure or weird,
Left me a note on my left office in Hell,
Worry not you may see my worker or people to be bringing it or them unto me in any ways.

My life is yours and so as yours as mine,
My rights r yours and as yours as mine,
It's a show to our responsibilities and tru┼čt,
Love as the utmost answer.

Let me be your last weapon and shield,
Let me die before you just by protecting you from my or your dear enemies,
Wish is not what I seek in my last state,
For these,I just want to show you by saying.

If I love U,I...

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