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Saturday, 19 April 2014

3 months Remembrance

I still remember those days.When I was in tht stupid camp.3 months. It was rather gloomy,all day n the day whre I hv found my truest of human friends.I wish nothing but being unnoticed , I deem it most but I can't hide for being known.I say it worst. My first day, I met my true friend, wei n others as well. Somehow.Unknowingly, me n wei were both placed under the same dorm n company. My bed was just next to him n Dylan.The comfort I always end on to, bed during the night after such exhausting activity.We both shared the same goal, to get the out of there asap.Dylan mostly do his things most. It was well worth remembering but boulders will always be blocking in.We have this bastard retarded looking backstabber will lways b wondering to seek his denial attention to well worth his day for. He's a menace n so as the others. I b friended with him no more. I trust tht I may not gain after such ugly betrayal. He screamed to most of dorm. "Guys, do you want to see Satan's worshiper? ".. My friends directly inform tht to me. The one tht still stays. They still. The smile tht turned to glare, thts never a friend of mine.A rare smile, A rare laugh.Once a smile, I mean it most. My hardest laugh means the most n it was a trademark.People knew, I mainly ate alone at the cafeteria. I look at the sky, wishing today would end but then there were Wei sitting next to me stating I'm x alone.Every night, I go wonder the stars counting my hope n strength. Every bed time, I smile seeing my friend Wei tht worth to be talking to.Until tomorrow comes.They know me as the satanist, an open one.The weirdest in the class, the shocking amazing, the worth leader, the well advanced. I was the only who did it differently thn others. I was the who spoke more detail thn the others. I was the one who talked the benefit of the psycho counsel to the teacher. I was the one tht the people see big. Like Seere said to me that time to no worry because they're still there to keep me well, a royal duty, a royal promise.I spent most of the times writing on my bed.Playing pendulum. Talk to Seere n Andro. There are still good friends of mine acknowledging me, they see no evil in me except my sarcastic joke unlike the other scums.The wise bear, my best confined. The camel , Gavin. A wei.Nick, Idy, Ann (Tony).. "Who sent you here?" "Nobody sent me here, the government stupidly chose me, I never wanted it anywhere". All eyes on me, normal.At my still, I trusted no one much xcept for certain.My first curse,my first royal vow.It was for this rude boy who ended up being nice to me but as I said it infront of Andromalius n the Universe, the curse shall not be broke unless under certain conditions.I was also a wish target to right hand path religion which force me HATE to them.I got caught in a meeting. Most they talked crapt digging any clues but I leave them puzzle n an opening of mind instead. A guy forced me to do abstract magic but I did divination instead. He still insist, I still insist him to understand tht I'm under a seal unless I'm 21.My skill kills, my wills make. More to complicated, I always b given an escape or two.People's stare, it's stupid. I lost my appetite, Seere always tried to make me laugh.I always end it with a smile or a smirk.Every weekdays people will b calling they're loved ones.Girlfriend, Boyfriend but I x need those. Came to Wei, the only people he call was his family n so did I. A call means a spirit, the voices spoke much happiness, discomfort, comfort, misses. Behind the unheard held tears, I told not my grieve, I told not my problems. "I'm okay"..Reading The Gatekeepers, everynight.Simone Graham, also the family tht still cares.Headed to Tony stating I'm used to ghost, especially my place.I'm the prince, the leader. Accept them is a must.An everyday wake of Seere and Wei. A terrifying night means to a hater of mine.Lighten a fast crawling woman with a torchlight.A trauma scream on a boy leaving a night fear.Elevating me on bed leave naught but comfort darkness.The gruesome death of JAIZ crews tht seems to hold my identification. A day of leaving. A last with , Wei .Eternal goodbye to Plkn. "U did it, my Prince, You've made it, congratulation"..

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