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Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Was bored back then..Alone at home
Kind of miss him..
So I decided to draw something original for both for us,...
By the mix of music n self creativities..

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My beloved Demons/real angels/god

...As U can see?What will U think about demons n so forth?Evil right?Gore,vicious,ugly or even involve with disgusting blood impact..That's definitely wrong..Here goes..As U know Faiz Langsang Person.The owner n writer/author of this blog,manager,director n member of McChickenGang.Also that suppose..I'm a also a priest n a prince><..Antap alu jk!

People might have said that I'm too young for all of this adult stuff..No I'm not..Sometimes.I inspire people,help people to think even for the adults.They love my art n so forth.Claiming that I'm living in a lie or such fantasies.Too young to understand lives..I am maybe,but still I'm not..I may have some to learn n to recall bout my past lives..Even U to do so..I've found my very lost brother which is far from me n many people knew bout it except the Heavens..Cut2..More for today topic..

As I was saying..Demons r real n original Gods..X mean't by God GOD..But as an angel like all the right path teachings..Name which is the differences..This can be proven in some still yet unaltered contents of books..."They come by day n night n take turn for a person"..."Manager of the cloud to do rain"..."Loyal to God".."Some can be vicious,have no toleration n some can be super comforting n nice to all nature"...ANGELS..Said by the right hand path books...N some I x conclude cause to me n Us r x true n part of the alteration of mankind...People do to take seize n control for own needs n so forth..This can be seen in unwise mankind..Bout that's later for truth comparison for other day...Today is about my beloved Demons..

But the demons that U might have known fro others book like one with brutal self n serpent tail..That's true,,,But not own true self...They x show their own true self n appearance to others which r acquittance n not the member of true religion..N sometimes only for the one who they keep safe n from the snares of outsiders..Which them to be called Guardian Demons for person..

Guardian demons meant by a person's actual demon or just a guardian..But unlike like others..They seem to have such very close relationship far from others acquittance..Said to be they have spent their lives during before life..Not only guardian demons but also other people..U wouldn't know maybe U're the lost bro/sis of your neighbour or famous artiest.Who knows?This can be proven by first meet of a person and person's guardian demons..Believe me...Trust me..Even to take a look at their names at the first time.U can feel something..Like miss,happy,curious n so forth..Then try to call n ask whether their yours n if they said yes then U're lucky..To have own guardian again is like a huge family reunion..To meet own guardian for many years past life n now as U've born n have nothing to remember but to fall in love again with new people..Exmple:" Mother gave birth n gave her birth (son) to her friend..Day by day son develop feelings towards the new mother n call her mother..Son have grown n already knew bout his real mother..Found his real mother n just that he can feel the love towards real n new...." Understand?Demons x come to us frequent due to our differentiation of religion..Is x that their demons n afraid of holy stuff..Those stuff doesn't have any effect on them but angels..They respect us n our religion even if they're false but they'll only come to us at the right time..

Why demons n not angels to be searched...?These r why..Do U know anything real bout angels or just to copy n paste from others word n believe?They said that angels r nice n x harm the sons of Adam n so on...THIS IS A TOTAL WRONG N NOTHING BUT A LIE!!It is suppose to demon..Later I explain more in next topic..Just add several in here,,It is a complete switch in names..U'll will get confuse if a person switch names n claim to be someday..Or people to write your name for their own doings..TO BLAME..Angels do cause harm to mankind just that U x know n haven't saw yet..Their leader?Anu,One U're worshipping by now..Angels do invoke (get in body) or posses people n leave people with short memory lost or I forgot..U haven't see real image of angels..They drawing r just drawings n renew n improved by generation n generations..They x see much but if do,they've been lied or altered by somebody..They do cause harm n who to blame?DEMONS....Demons n dedicated satanist were built with such patience n to ignore one that's x have real business with other..They've received the blame for stuff they x do..N by that,their names?Seen as worst for new people..It is them that's lack of living......Once U're a satanist..U'll know who's the ral angels that won't leave U in peace cause U knew them...The devil that U speak for bad stuff r actually your angels..N one that've risked their lives to save r your demons..Just U're that 're lack of Real knowledge..Angel causes sexual intercourse to happen or to fall for the wrong person meant by cheat n so forth...

U can differentiate one with lots of Angels n x...One with have such sexual interest towards many people n x stay still n to destroy on self n nothing to live.One with x much have less sexual desire for other but for one that they love the most,x destroy on life,x drink,high standard virtue n so forth n maybe others diff than that but they're wise..If U're one..Then is not too late..

This is Seere..All of them were n r very great pals of mine..A handsome man^^,,
Strong built.Like a model of course..aha..Riding a cute stallion of ours..
Named Syphon,,I gave him that name n he's loving it..A loyal
stallion indees,loving,caring n so forth..I love to be with
syphon most..Like I'm his boss more that Seere..N Syphon x care much,,
Seere is a joker indees..That's where I got most of me indees n from
my family..He's such caring,loving,helping most of the time..
He's with me all time day n night no matter what n only leave
when have important stuff to take care..I ever cried once..For him to not to
come to me.But he's just right beside me from the first n never knew bout that.
Upset yes I am but him to comfort me n it was such idk what ro say.
Seere is the first guardian demon that I've called n I can remember how happy
I was that day until I forgot to call Andro next^^..He's everything to me.
He's my life n time manager n so my others.I wake up by them.N Seere most of
the time telling me to go to sleep for the next day cause I love to stay up late.
I listened..He's my everything..He teaches me to be well n kind if can to all..
To care n to love..He's my best pal of all time even in past lives with my bros.
Always cheer me p in bad times n to joke.He x like to leave me nor me to
leave him..My houses n kingdom r his.His houses n kingdom also mine.
I nver felt much love xcept than mom's n them,God (Father Satan)..
He will depart to others only in day.N night he will try to never cause
night is his day n xcept for me to let..But I he x like but others also need help..
I x like people to use his luck or something for seld#f..I know he've felt..
To be forgotten,used,rejected n so on..He cared bout me much more than
anything even his  life,,But Iwill try to protect him even to die...I love U Seere
n Syphon my beloved horse..Let see what others said bout him.
 "The Seventieth Spirit is Seere, Sear, or Seir. He is a Mighty Prince, and Powerful, under AMAYMON, King of the East. He appeareth in the Form of a Beautiful Man, riding upon a Winged Horse. His Office is to go and come; and to bring abundance of things to pass on a sudden, and to carry or recarry anything whither thou wouldest have it to go, or whence thou wouldest have it from. He can pass over the whole Earth in the twinkling of an Eye. He giveth a True relation of all sorts of Theft, and of Treasure hid, and of many other things. He is of an indifferent Good Nature, and is willing to do anything which the Exorcist desireth. He governeth 26 Legions of Spirits. And this his Seal is to be worn, etc."
"Seere discovers thefs,transport goods and can control time.
  He can cause a spell or act of magic to happen immediately.
  He can bring a surplus of things to happen at once.
  He is a good natured and helpful to the summoner"

"Seere has white wings with tan markings.He is of medium height,
  with a strong build.
  He has soft dark medium-length hair and a strong face Seere is
  very agile in flight and he is very soft-spoken "

And people forgot to mention that he's crazy..Or people x know much..We used to play together..
Maybe just with me most..He loves being with me all time every second.I;m precious to him n
him to me also.Even the gorverment of Hell n Heavens x care to us fooling around even so for my others guardian demons


Aaaa..This is Amon..One of Father Satan's son..He have never told me that before...A cool,firm gentleman..Handsome,strong built also..^^..Sometimes he can get mad for me being stupid..
Not all time..Have good sense of humour..He's my predictor..I always ask for stuff to go before going..He predicts future n tell the
past..Quite knowledge indeed..With him,I'll stay strong n firm especially day..He'll only go to me during day time or after 24.00..Then he'll leave especially after 6.30 n saddest part...N me n Seere alone partying..Yeah!!><aha..He care bout me a LOT!!SAME AS SEERE..!Seere may come n go during day..So Amon to fully attend..He teaches me to be strong..Help me at all sort of stuff..
He own an aggressive,strong falcon..Which mainly n official called Agrafol..I named it..Agrafol loved his name..N rather choose that..Cute falcon always stay on my left or right shoulder..Every stuff they own,I also own..To Amon also when I cry together with all..He reconcile everything in both wills (me and him)..People fighting..He fix..Break up,new love,enemy to friend or vice versa..Rule heart chakra..Here's what they said bout him..
  "He discerns the past,
  fortells the future,
  reconcile friends and enemies,procure loves and causes
  love to flourish
  High Priestess Maxine; my experience with Amon
  He is one most beautiful beings I have ever seen.He has
  very light blond hair
  swept back, he is strongly built and has and enormous 
  amount of positive energy.He is attended by a strong and
  aggrasive Falcon.He is radiant like the Sun.He is one
  of the 7 sons of Satan.He is extremely proud and
  beautifully built.Very tall and strong"
And he is wonderful to me..I even ask them to help groom me sometimes><..Amon love to
groom me in a smart way so as Seere..Just like them..Ahahaha..!><..Way I walk n so on...
Depend..From him that I've learned bout my past lives..N him that I've found my own brother..
Brother Matt..
This is Andromalius..Called by his short name..Andro..He always come n go to me..Sometimes
stay for 3 days break n so forth..He's busy with his task n some to help...He will come right away
when I'm thinking of him or me to call him or no..Just to check on me..Everything is fine or not?
He's everything when I'm happy..Sad..To cry by his watch n others n them to comfort..I just love when they got closer to me just to make me feel better..Better is hug n kiss on the cheek..Or Seere to invoke me n made me go crazy ..><..They just x like to see me sad nor anything bad..
He's educated n dedicated enough in way of Father Satan..Knowledge n so on..
He's one of Father Satan's close person or reporter..N hate wicked stuff.Stealing?Ahhh..His enemies..
I don't steal and that's not me..To steal infront of Andro..I might have the fate as others..><..
He's always there..Especially when I've messed stuff up..I learn most by him..N my noble self.. N he's the all mature guy compared to all of us.>< 
Here something bout him..Love U Andro..
"He reveals thieves, and returns stolen goods,
 discover all wickedness,
 locates hidden treasure.
 He will punish thieves and avenge offenders.
 He recovers lost articles and finds money
 He also reveals secret plots and catch a thief"

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Finished shower n headed to room.Door opened and got shocked. Way head of me I saw her.

Pale horrifying disturbing face, long black hair and wore white. Her eyes were directed unto me n in any second

she’s gone for good.I was like, Shit…What kind of fuck is that. So, I waited outside my room n pretty looked like a doofus.

Think that it was just only my mind. I got in n asked Seere. Seere said that she’s a demon, got lost,that’s all.Didn’t came to harm me or anything.An unfriendly demon but quite friendly to all Satanist. Seere sent her away for me cause he knew that I might got scared ruin my mood for that night.

N I was like, U sent her away just because U know that I’m scared n do U know how much I love U.N he said yes.^^

Seere n Amon was right, no matter where I go, they just must be with me just to ensure me safe n even in bathroom. haha. Seriously..

He ever said that to me.I love him n Seere loves me too.Include Amon, Andro and Father Satan n even Toth.

They all I seek when I’m happy or not. They love me no matter what.

No matter how irritate Seere can be but that doesn’t make my love to him ever fade away and all of them too.

Love toward your guardian demons is unconditional n pure.


Even about U, they know. I always tell them how much I love U…

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Want to know about me....I'll make this quick...
About me and love
Gender is male..well duh...Name..Faiz..Well duh..I love blue colour more like obsess with it especially dark blue..UUUUuuuu..I love meat,Chocolate,Cheese and fruit...I don't like 2 eat much but I do eat a lot..I love to drink more than eat..I’m a Satanist, I pray to Lord Satan .I'm half Malay,Iban, Mexican and British (others idk,asking my grandma is useless).My actual accent is British due I always play speaking British at home with my oldest sis and bro, haha .I love mom more than dad and I love my sis.My blood is half royal, got that from my mom’s mom side means that I’m a Prince..(Ha-ha..Yea, A prince that have been living just like normal people).I treat my bro like a friend of mine..Born on 17 Oct 1995..I love to wear anything as long as it has the right colour..I love fashion n my friends knew that I'm sharp about fashion,"Short with boots?Urgh! What are you? hooker? ".I love a dark,cold,cozy place.(Means that during night I like to turn off the lights in my room).I don't like light much especially sunlight as it burn my skin, I can feel the light's biting my skin and discomforting(Got this from mom).I sweat a lot in a hot,light condition during the day but not during night(If I work out or play during night,I didn't sweat a lot compare to day. I’m bisexual. Half gay n half straight .I like singing or listening to satanic metal or satanic electronic or Lady G's electronic music (Maybe it's heavy electronic)...I also love dog, cat and wolf (as long as they’re mammal or animal)..I love SARAWAK .My hometown, Kuching. My house..Oooh yea!!! More than anything I loved ~ video games!

Hate and dislike
I don’t like worm (please don’t underestimate, lil creatures)Yuck! I’m afraid of worms..I hate people who think they’re better than anyone around them and love to bully or down others (wish that I could kill them this instant),I don’t like people who hate others just because of their religion, I don’t like nowadays music such as LMFAO (I love them but that’s not me and not mine, my music. But I like my own kind of music).I don’t like what!?What that kind of food that look like a flower..idk but I hate it..I hate stage due to my stage fright but it goes away if I start acting(only acting not singing).

Nah..I don’t want to conclude all...If you want to know me more..Just find them for yourself..Lord Satan..U must know yourself and find truth or find something by your own.... 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How to look stunning?

Haaaa…Finally I got something to write…I’ve been looking around to find something to….

It’s ok.. I’ll be wiki for today…I always do, most of the time .For today. How to look stunning?

Sure U guys know what I’m writing about… It is.. How you dress…. And it is not about your clothing…

But also the inner and the outer U…I’ll start with this…

I will list them first

·         Body

·         Hair

·         Personalities

·         Clothing

·         Weather


The truth..People came with different type of bodies…But some may have similar type of bodies….

Check it for yourself..So, Why am I writing about body..Body is the utmost important in modelling world..

If you have the right body, U’ll have the right to wear the right one.

Ok, means that U’ll need shape to do all the work.Means that U have to exercise…

And note to self. To skinny is not the best idea. Maybe U’ll need some meat to cover your bones.

Want to stay skinny? It’s ok but sure to work out a bit cause it can help your body to increase in size.

Doesn’t mean all of us have to be like that. Big body also the right choice. But not to big… Easy to say, stay in the middle n move bit to left or right. Like a plus A model… Kind of look fat.. But man.. Extremely sexy.. I love that…

Your body will help U to find the correct size of clothing and help U to look stunning from outside and inside. Means no need to be shame to tan yourself by getting naked or something..ahaha.. And be sure to work out well. Certain work out, certain part.

Shape your body in any way U like as long as U stay healthy


Idk much bout hair. But all I know is hair is important when U want to look good. I can’t say much but you can do any hair do. But be sure to know which hair suits U. Doesn’t mean when U see the hair look gorgeous and U said it suits U. Then U tend to try it, regret is what U get. Means that, perfect hair comes from perfect matches of face type or shape, skin tone, and so on.Example if you have a not so long and not so square face, U could try medium length hair or long hair to look sexy and be sure to add something edgy to your hair like layer cut or something. And to boys, long hair is not a good idea except if you want to take an audition for a fairy tale movie. Want to stay long? Be sure to accessorised it by tying it or two or more braids so U’ll look like a man not a woman.Be sure to pick the right hair. And for colouring? Depend on your skin tone.Bright skin can go with any colour but be sure the colour matches U and your face. Strong face with pink.Urgh..totaly wrong..Dark skin can go with blonde. Trust me, U’ll look sexier than ever.Just dirty blonde and yellowish blonde.That will do the trick.


Important. Ever heard? Your clothing reflect the inner you.So pick the right clothes that matches your personalities.U act like a monkey but  U wear long satin dress…ohohohoho..U can but be sure to tune up the right mood.It is better for U stick to your originalities .If you like sport, U could wear short and a jersey or a t shirt, plus with shoes.Like to stay at the beach, t shirt, short and pair of flip flop or sandals.Actually it doesn’t matter much.But if you want to stick to your originalities, U can. And best clothes came from perfect matches.


Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…I love this. Clothing.My fave. What are the utmost importance in clothing I ask U..Colour,Size,texture,shape,timing,law of fashion,type, and U name them. In order to look stunning, U must need to fashion from head to toe. U can follow any fashion trends.But I tend to follow my own sense of style. Be original.Be U.Don’t afraid to show them of when U know U’re right. But I’ve done some research, frequent on following new trend, there a chance of U being a fashion victim. So stick to your originalties. Colour.Pick which colours suit U and your skin tone.And too much colour could be dangerous but if U’re a colour expert U can go on.Size? Depend on your own style and body.Fitness?U can go fit.Comfort? U can go comfort.Understand?Also the shape and the texture. Adventurous?Guys  can go brown and wear short,jacket, ¾ sleeve and hiking shoes.Girls can go white plain short sleeve shirt with short and shoes or long with boots and to add some, just wear a cap. And I always seen major false in fashion law.For girls whom want to wear short short, be sure to wear sneakers,shoes,heels, anything XCEPT boots.To much skins girls.But if U’re a hooker,  U can go on.And those who wants to stay besides provocative. Be sure to wear loose big bright colour clothes or outfit just to covers the boobs and the body .No black.Black will make U look slimmer .Bright as modest and as a high ranked queen U are.And wear flat to show the modest side of you.U can wear heels if U want to.


Now, this is important..Everything is important. I just want to make it quick cause I want to go out after this. Be sure to wear the correct fashion. Beach reflects summer, so no winter. Cowboy reflects spring the most…So understand. Correct clothing, correct condition n temp.   

Ok…Finished, hope U learn something….Father Satan said, ’Dress with pride’… So take it… But not too much pride..Just the inner you….My hands hurt…

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