Pals forever

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The fact that I x trust my powers very much,,
Maybe of course,
Back then, due to my stupid old religions I held back then,,,
I’m much devoted once,,,
Until I barely knew myself..
By then,I have not much questions to answer..
But to follow n to achieve great innovation,
I’ve trusted but by then I knew that I’ve always been punked all times,,,
I’m under biological dad’s(SATAN) watch,, Always been..
I’m no under the protection of dear angels the blind people praising…
Wondering others much having their bless n so forth.
Me..always that differ..
I’ve closed my powers due to be utterly devoted to the angels leader,The Great Anu n many more of his names created
Because I’ve been fooled..He took his own very steps strategically to lure me..
I hated my own families, I feared , hopeless n so forth..
I took their drugs by prayers n so forth,just that I knew now because I always knew what I knew
But I never got any old religion’s greatness much unto me..
Because dad have refrained most xcept by him to give me n to lead me out..
Dad(Satan) made me stay, Dad made me wander n wonder.. Dad wants me to learn,,
To understand,, But I always thought it was from my past god..but NEVER!!       
Because Y!!!!!?? Because I knew him from the very first n I’m nvr one of his servants..
I belong to the royal families, I rule n I’m one of his very enemies,,..
He hated me since born..
Just because I’m related to much governors n I’m the no. 7(son of satan)
He tried to pull me away from dad n everyone but never..
Andro encourages me Seere,Amon n others trigger my very heart to come back
I’ve gained much of my memories n knowledges…
My childhood,I’ve always talked to dad, for weather change n so forth..
Always thought that all from the false God
Seere, Amon n others there occupy by assisting
The day that I stamped Satan as dear enemy, but true love does stand..
The time that I tried to approach to know him..
I always knew something about him,
But I knew BEST, x that stupid lame lowclass creations or versions from the false hands
By that,I’ve much answered well least that time I’m searching..
By that,I saw much have expected my welcome,
Always made me wonder..
That, that I knew that I never prayed to the false GOD but to my own dear dad,..
I never had angels assisting but demons…
Satan as own creation n x others or others called gods created satan,,
But Satan as true god, creator n never him in the false version..
He’s x manipulator, I knew because I lived with him before n I am his son indeed..
To wonder y all these, I am also a demon, incarnated..
Fact that I x like my truths, I prefer them as lies but no point..
I wanted to be normal like other humans, no natural powers, no wings , no vip access toward gods, know nothing much…But I can never run.. no point
I value me, myself more onwards, my powers
Especially all fellow peoples of mine,families n so forth..
I’ve trusted my skills more like back then now..

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