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Saturday, 10 January 2015


My friend and which I call him as Mr. MEOW were discussing about stars and pyramid but comes in mind which he may drag to phi discussion and at the moment I got this. Going to post it here XD

Faiz Langsang Person 
Phi=Universal length. Like I said, i gained from nature observation.
Phi speaks ideal measuring as it found as most profound or fuck i forgot the word!>< haha. I deal to say much which may fit to perfect. Like leg=3,arm=2,=torso1=head=1 less half over one or two. But not arm=2,leg=2 . Otherwise it'll be alienized. Again in omnipotence,everything is irrelevant. Like how i explain art. Nly the taste is different, again, u can create alien by first impression of prfection n again 2nd creation for definition perfection. In socialism phi=loop. Or enough giving. Like u said vortex n cut line.
U know,? Kids gaze me in a long period especially babies, they saw something. XD... N yes by enough giving n unknown infinite. Phi is still can b constructed, if you know wht i mean? I might change my Google plus pict to current XD . My hair is actually naturally wavy,see. Haha

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