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Sunday, 11 January 2015


I was then dreaming. I was left alone and a call from my mom's phone that I held rang. A woman. A woman's voice,more like a voice mail. She said something about opening her agency for promotion such music and other arts related. The name is close to Brenda or Brendada. I was moving,getting out from the place. Suddenly, it rains. I held my phone and my files containing my works. I ran and saw some people carrying dead bodies. I felt sympathy, so I gave them my magics,my blessing. They were all wet in a heavy rain. I was in a quick so carelessly I stumbled to one body. His clothes are all open leaving his hand out from place. He held me. I was panicked because he's already dead. He looked at me in anxious and ask.
"Is there is any book more better than Quran because I'm about to go.."
The story end up like that, I felt my body during tht scene,my heart,panicking.
The man asked about guidance because he'd done all of the quran's instructions but yet hes still trapped in agony.
I got back and told him to use my guidance as I have gave them my blessing but still, its still a stupid nightmare, haha!

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